About us


SUBWAE is a curated concept presented by Christopher Akpo in 2018. Described as Storytelling Unisex Brand With Aesthetic Evolution. The brand is built on the concept of sustainable materials based in Ghana.

Subwae is inspiration driven from architecture, art and its Ghanaian landscape, constantly developing it’s aesthetic with the continues learning and experimenting of garment makes. Therefore a systematic and industrial approach to design is expressed through  fashion installations, exhibitions, pop ups and runway shows in  temporary and permanent spaces of the brand all interconnected pillars of the brands language.

Chris's understanding of the world around him and his own diverse personal perspective turns out to be the catalyst for the brand's evolution as well. Subwaestudios will continue to evolve, confidently writing a visual language with documentation and its role in social commentary. It is our mission to cosign the experience we have accumulated to the next age.